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Mike n Drew's RP is a SA-MP roleplay server. We are currently looking for members to populate it.
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 Application Format

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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer

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Application Format Empty
PostSubject: Application Format   Application Format Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 11:54 am

Make the post title [APPLICATION] then your IG name. Also post and complete the form below.

Before your accept you will under go a Rp FingerScan, Have you picture taken

In Game Character Information

Player Name: (In-Game Name)
Date Of Birth: (??-??-???? Format)
Character Gender: (Male or Female)
Current Level:

Licenses: (Which licenses do you have?)

Current Job: (Which job do you have now?)

Previous Jobs: (Which jobs did you ever have?)

Criminal Record: (Ever been convicted of a serious crime?)

IC Biography: (Tell us a bit about your character. Where they are from, how they grew up, personality, etc. Put some effort in. Minimum 120 words.)

Real Life Personal Profile (OOC Information)

First Name: (Real life first name you are often called.)

Languages Spoken: (Start with your strongest to weakest)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Date Of Birth: (??-??-???? Format)

Location: (Where you live)

Timezone: (Your timezone)


Why Do You Want the Job: (Your Reason)

Police Experience: (Have any real life experience or knowledge?)

Hours To Spare: (Average Daily)

How long have you been on this server for:

GTA SA Experience: (How long/well you play/know)

Current Faction:(Your current faction, if you have one)

Previous Factions: (Any previous factions you were in)

Accounts On Server: (How many characters)

Give a example of metagaming:

GIve a example or Powergaming:

What's IC

What's OCC

Email/Contacts: (MSN,AIM,YAHOO,ETC)

Comments/Questions: (Notes)

I, [YOUR NAME HERE], make an oath that I will be lawful, I have read and understand the rules about FBI Conduct ((FBI Tutorial)), I understand that i must be active, ((I will not spam Command or any other Police about recruitment)), and do my duties to the best of my ability if I am accepted into the FBI
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Application Format
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