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Mike n Drew's RP is a SA-MP roleplay server. We are currently looking for members to populate it.
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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer

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PostSubject: I NEED SOME HELP   Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:40 am

As you know our server is fairly new, and there are many gangs/factions that need leading. If you want to lead one of these faction please PM me. Also please don't make a second account to get another faction, because that will ruin the server.

FIRE/PARAMEDIC Leader: If you want to be the leader of this faction PM me saying so. If you accept you will receive $50,000 in game

Govenor: Has a decent salary already, but $25,000 extra for chosing him.

Hitman Leader: Not Escpecially needed, but i guess... $10,000 Extra.

News Leader: $75,000

Those are what we really need right now, and i will give you the prices listed. Please PM me on the forum if you want the position, also we are in need of admins, and i will be having applications sent in starting today.
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