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 Usefull Commands of the SAPD

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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer

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Usefull Commands of the SAPD Empty
PostSubject: Usefull Commands of the SAPD   Usefull Commands of the SAPD Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 6:53 am

These commands are very usefull when arresting someone. Some you may not be able to use until a higher rank.

/tazer # This command will stop the player from moving for 20 seconds, so you can cuff them and put them in your cruiser. In place of the # you putt their # in game like 0-50.

/cuff # Same thing as earlier.

/me Puts *Suspect* in the Cruiser. It's good to get a keybinder. If they are handcuffed, and tazed and you say this, or you say it when they aren't moving. They HAVE TO GET IN THE CAR. If they dont they can be kicked for non-rp behavior.

me Locks the doors of the squad car. Use this to make it so if they exit the car its non-rp. They can be /jailed for this by an admin.

/r Thats what you use to use your police radio.

/ticket When you use this it will tell you what to type after it. *THIS MAY BE BUGGED IF IT DOESNT WORK USE THE COMMAND UNDER IT*

/fine # [ammount] [reason] This command will fine the player. You use this command for certain offences listed in the Codes of Police Officers. If the /ticket is bugged use this, and make the reason *Parking Ticket* or *Speeding Ticket*

/bk This will send out a notice to all officers on duty, and off you need assistance, and will make you a red dot on their map.

/bkc Clear your request for backup.
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Usefull Commands of the SAPD
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