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 Laws and Codes of Police Officers

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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer

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Laws and Codes of Police Officers Empty
PostSubject: Laws and Codes of Police Officers   Laws and Codes of Police Officers Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 7:54 am

All officers must read this before training, and will probobly need it for forever after. Officers need to know what to do, the fine ammount or jail time for every crime. I have them listed here below,

Section 1: Arresting An Armed Person: If you need to arrest somone who has pointed a gun at somone, not fired but pointed any kind of gun at someone, or has an illegal weapon you don't use deadly force. First you use you pepper spray (Spray Can). This will stun them. They should come quietly so you can take there weapons, and put them in jail, or fine them. If they start to attack you with fists you can use you night stick. If they use or point a gun at you, then you have permision to use deadly force. If they Stop attacking you at anytime stop attacking them they may be surrendering. If they put there hands up thats an immediate surrender, and you can use the command to take there weapons. If they just stop shooting keep the gun pointed, or if they used fists nightstick ready to see if they say somthing. If they do you take them into the police station, and ajail them for 5 minutes. Or if they cam quietly take there weapons, and fine them $1000 dollars.

Section 2: Illegal Weapons: The only gun that is legal here in LS is the deagle, or any other pistols. They are only legal if you are defending yourself from another person with a gun. If someone is attacking you with fists you should not use deadly force. If you see somone doing this the should be jailed for 5 minutes, and fined $1500 dollars for every citizens life they took, or if they killed no one $1000 straight up fine. The weapons that get an automatic 9 minute ajail is specifically anything other than pistols. They call for immediate action, but remember you can only arrest someone is they have it out, but not if they quickly flip threw it. Police officers are the only ones alowed to cary weapons other than the deagle, but it is our primary weapon of use because we want to set a good example, and not use weapons that no one else can. If the illegal guns are nessesary to save you or another persons life use them by all means necessary to get the job done.

Section 3: Gun Dealers: If you see anyone buying any guns from another person they both should be arrested, and sentanced to jail for 9 minutes. Guns should be bought from the cheif of police only, the licensed dealer for LS, and anyone selling guns should be arrested legal guns, or not it doesn't matter. 9 minute ajail.

Section 4: Illegal Narcotics: If you find anyone in the posetion of narcotics of any kind, then you must ajail them for 9 minutes, and fine them $10,000. If you see somone selling Narcotics or buying them they must be ajailed for 15 minutes, and fined $40,000. That's why it's better to get caught after you buy them. Because after you buy them you could say you "found" them. So therefor you have an excuse.

Section 5: General Affairs: The following result in 9 minute ajail. Evading a police cruiser, or police officer on foot or by car. Stalking somone police or not. Causing property distruction, or cicil dispute while being drunk comes with a $10,000 fine as well. Not allowing an emergency veichle to pass comes with $8,000 fine, but no jail time. Verbally assaulting someone (NOT ON MAIN CHAT). As well as threatening are a $5,000 fine, and threats are a 5 minute ajail. The following result in a $5,000 fine, and 2 minutes added on to there ajail if they had one, and if they didn't they get a 2 minute ajail. Resisting an officer of the law, bribery, and lieing to an officer. The following gets you a 10 minute sentance. Theft of anyone elses property, Helping a suspect/criminal, and theft of an emergency veichle.

Section 6: Serious Crime: Hopefully most police won't see too many of these, but life is life. Threatening non- armed is a $10,000 fine. The following get you a 10 minute sentance in jail. Manslaughter, Assault, Armed Assault, Robbery, and Scams. The following get you a 15 minute sentance and $60,000 fine. Murder, Battery, Attempted murder of police Officer, Murder of Police Officer, Kidnap, and Rape.

Section 7: Trafic Safety: Speeding over 45 on main roads, and over 75 on highways gets you a $2,000 fine. Driving with a flat tire, improperly using your horn, using hydraulics while in motion, parking in the road. Get you a $2,000 fine as well. The following get your car impounded for 2 paydays (Thats 2 Hours), a $8,000 fine, and if you don't cooperate a 9 minute ajail. Driving on natural enviroment or/and the sidewalk, Using nitrous oxide, a.k.a NOS, Performing dangerous maneuvers (Passiong over a hump, for example), Driving in wrong lane (Anyone who's not legally retarded can do it), Constituting a danger for pedestrians or/and vehicles, Failing to show a drivers license to police officer when requested to, and Illegal Racing.

Section 8: Public Indecency: The following gets you a two minute jail sentance, and a $2500 fine. Gay mariage, peeing in public, peeing on someone, and striping in public, and holding any dildo in public.

These are the rules all officers must know. I suggest printing them out, and reviewing when off duty
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Laws and Codes of Police Officers
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