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Mike n Drew's RP is a SA-MP roleplay server. We are currently looking for members to populate it.
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 [ACCEPTED] Tyler Davis

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Tyler Davis   [ACCEPTED] Tyler Davis Icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2009 1:45 pm

Basic Data

Name: Tyler Davis
Origin No-where currently
Date of Birth: 8/10/1983
Age: 25
Phone: none yet, to be updated
Extended Data

Life Story: After being in SEALS, Tyler Davis came t LS to start a new job, aiming for a sergeant job he filled a application for a job. Even if he definetly had cop abillities from the age of 15, when his father, Stephen Davis was takinging him everywhere he went to explore the cop life, Tyler have chosen to become a SEAL to explore the rough side of life, being more a do person, and a trustful and devotated worker, Tyler has the problem of getting to personal involved in things.
Earlier Jobs: None
Do you have experience with Law Enforcement? Yes
Why do you want to be a Police Officer? TO keep the streets safe, I like to protect people interests and keep the streets safe because the way how we live changes us, if we leave safe, we will think free and everyone will be happy, a life controlled by gangs isn't wanted.
What do you want to reach as a Police Officer? Sergeant. Why? Because it's a rank that gives you a lot of trust and power that can influence good or bad the streets. I want to make the streets better and safer using that power
Have you ever commited a crime? No
Do you hold a legal Los Santos Driving License? Not yet, going to buy one now.
Do you have experience with guns? What kind? Yes, I do. Assault rifles, deagles since my SEALS days
(( OOC Data ))

Ingame Level: 1
Pervious Ingame Names:-
How long have you been playing on the server?:1 day
How long have you been Roleplaying?:1 year
Have you ever been kicked/banned? No

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[ACCEPTED] Tyler Davis
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