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 How To Be Promoted

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Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer

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How To Be Promoted Empty
PostSubject: How To Be Promoted   How To Be Promoted Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 7:54 am

If you want to get promoted then you need to respect, and listen to authority. Also if you are a deputy then you need to stay with the sergeant you are assigned to, and listen to him, watch him, and observe everything he does. If you do that then you will learn, and when it's your turn to bust the crook, or give someone a ticket you'll know what to do. If you do everything ok then your Sergeant will report to the cheif with the good news, and you will be promoted. If you don't do so well you will stay a Private a little longer till you learn it. Once your a corporal you simply need to clean up the streets by doing your job. That job is to protect the citizens from harm. If you are a sergeant you can apply to be a Staff Sergeant or Drill Sergeant. Cheif you can get promoted by having good leadership skills, and proving yourself to the commisioned officers. If you get promoted you will chose you best Sergeant, the one you trust the most, and who has the best skills for the job. He will then be immediatly moved up to Cheif of police, and attend a mandatory meeting with one of the Commisioned officers.
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How To Be Promoted
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